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Affordable web hosting services can be a hassle to find a good one that you can depend on. If you have experienced free hosting or cheap/shared hosting you have found out in a lot of cases it is a disaster.

Pages load too slow and are difficult to update. The search engines are timing websites if they are too slow to load they drop them down the index list. Customer service is a joke with cheap, shared, or free hosting services in many cases.

Free Hosting Sounds Good but….

..free hosting has problems of limitations on your website’s looks and design in a lot of cases and their ads maybe required to be put up. Also, with free sites depending on the company they may have you click an agreement that they can delete your site when they think it is necessary and possibly without notice.

Maybe for selling, considering it commercial use, using too much bandwidth, or whatever is in their terms of service. Technically depending on the agreement they may actually have total authority over your content. They usually setup the agreement they can just dump it if they don’t like it and that sums it up.
HostGator Affordable Web Hosting Services

With Affordable Web Hosting Service…

there are some terms of service but the key is you can have more freedom, just about total control overall, and can use it for commercial use, even Baby Hatchling plan, without ads and design limitations.

Affordable web hosting services also called shared hosting a lot of times is not good enough for any business only for a hobby. Many shared hosting services cram too many websites onto each CPU choking them up.

If you are looking for affordable web hosting that is consistently good HostGator is the answer. They have affordable web hosting services that are fast with good customer service including their affordable shared hosting without cramming or bottle-necking their CPUs.

If you want maximum super power then they offer dedicated and other plans in between shared and dedicated.

Besides fast load speed (even the Baby Hatchling shared plans are quick), good customer service (recommend online chat), video tutorials, low prices, easy website installation. HostGator has a lot of other great features not found with other services.

There are great video tutorials to take you step by step through various features inside the account control panel.

The Info Planet’s Email subscription goes into where you can get $300 worth of Free Site Optimization tools. There are other cool things about HostGator with 25% off and a direct link; and a super search method you may not have heard of-See Below the video for signup link.

Youtube’s URL for video below:



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Here are three different ways to install WordPress with HostGator.
How To Install WordPress Easy With Hostgator Pic of Mascot Snappy

How To Install WordPress Easy with QuickInstall:

YouTube’s URL for the video below:




Below link is for a set of instructions How To Install WordPress using Fantastico:

Install WordPress using Fantastico-Click Here.

Below link tells How To Install WordPress Manually, a set of instructions:

Install WordPress Manually-Click Here.

HostGator 25% off and other Free Awesome Info-Signup Here-Free signup.

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